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The portable brazier is an item obtainable from Treasure Hunter. When burning logs on it, a 10% base experience boost is given, and there is a chance of 10% that the log will be saved while still granting full experience. This gives the message: "The portable brazier saves you a log." The rate of adding logs is one log every 3.6 seconds (same as with bonfires). The brazier counts as always having the maximum number of people burning a bonfire on it, adding an extra 4% experience boost. Combined, the bonfire and portable boosts given by the brazier come to a 14.4% experience increase over burning the log on a bonfire with no other players. Like a bonfire, it will grant a life point boost, which activates upon adding one log, unlike bonfires which requires 5 consecutive logs. This lasts 66 minutes regardless of the type of logs used. It can be used for bone cremation as well, with no extra boost to the Prayer experience in comparison to burning bones on a bonfire.

Fire spirits can emerge when burning logs on a portable brazier and the message will still refer to it as a bonfire. However, the "add to bonfire" option on logs does not work with portable braziers.

As with all portable skill stations, portable braziers last 5 minutes before disappearing completely. However, players may add additional portable braziers to one currently deployed to extend their duration. Each portable extends 5 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes per portable station until requiring a new portable to be deployed.

Popular locations

World 84 is the portables world and you'll find 1 of each portable running almost 24/7 at the Combat Academy just north of the Lumbridge lodestone. You'll also find players training on divine locations, using pulse cores, advanced pulse cores and offering assists there.

Shantay Pass on world 100 is also a very popular place for portable braziers to be placed.

Players using portable braziers can also be found at popular firemaking training locations.


  • A portable brazier's health boost refreshes with every single log. On the other hand, additional logs added after the fifth into a bonfire will not refresh the boost.
  • On 13 March 2017, the "Check duration" option was removed and the remaining time can now be checked by examining the item.
  • World 100 is an unoffical portable brazier world. A portable brazier can almost always be found active in Shantay Pass as well as at the combat academy.
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