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The portable fletcher is an item won on Treasure Hunter. Any type of Fletching that is done on the portable fletcher provides:

  • an additional 10% experience boost
  • a 10% chance to save logs when Fletching bows up to elder logs; this effect also applies when Fletching Protean logs, but does not apply when Firemaking them.
  • a 10% chance to save arrowheads and headless arrows when making arrows.
  • a 10% chance to save unfinished bolts and feathers when making bolts.
  • a 10% chance to save the bolts when adding tips.

This includes all bane ammunition, ascension shards, broad arrows ,and adding gem bolt tips to Bakriminel bolts. In addition, stringing bows and crossbows on it have a 10% chance to string two at once with the message: "The portable fletcher helps you string 2 items at once." Furthermore, when building unstrung crossbows with the portable fletcher, there is a 10% chance to build two at once. Any materials saved will automatically be banked with the following message: The portable fletcher saves you some resources. They have been sent to your bank. or " The portable fletcher saves you a log. The item(s) you made were sent to your bank." This occurs even if there's space in the inventory (e.g. protean logs).

Which fletching screen opens depends on the items in a players inventory. For example, when selecting the fletch option with a protean log in the players inventory, it will open the protean log Fletching interface, while a magic log would open the fletching inventory interface displayed when fletching a log.

Some Fletching items such as Bolas, Kebbit bolts, and Sagaie are not recognised and while the interface can be opened with the help of other items, the portable fletcher will not save ingredients nor give bonus experience for fletching these items.


  • There was a bug where stringing two bows at once will only count as one for a stringing bows daily challenge. This appears to be fixed.
  • While having a protean log in your inventory, the portable fletcher will only show the protean fletching interface.
  • Sometimes, making bolts does not work with the fletcher. To fix it, right click and select the ammo option.
  • As of 6 June 2016, checking the duration of a portable skill station will no longer interrupt skilling actions. This action can also be done remotely.
  • It is only required to use the Fletcher once to gain its bonuses, after which as long as the player is standing next to the Fletcher the player will continue to get the bonuses it offers (making it slightly easier using keyboard shortcuts).
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