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Portable skilling stations, often simply called portables, are tradeable rewards from Treasure Hunter (and related promotions) which are used to make temporary skilling hotspots. The hotspots are both more convenient - being able to be placed much closer to a bank than normal skilling hotspots are - and provide benefits to the associated skill.

Once placed, a portable skilling station can be used by any other player freely. This has led to players grouping up in Friends Chats to track players 'hosting' portables. Ironmen cannot interact with any portable skilling stations.

Portable skilling stations last 5 minutes once placed, but additional locations of the same type can be used on it (by any non-Ironman player, not just the original placer) to extend the duration by 5 minutes each, up to one hour.

Treasure Hunter offers portable skilling stations directly, and portable skilling packs which contain 5 choosable locations. Portable skilling stations can often be found at the Grand Exchange, the Combat Academy and the Shantay Pass, and in Burthorpe and Prifddinas.

Portable skilling stations offer direct access to Make-X methods via a left-click option (e.g. 'Cook', 'Add-log', etc.), which is often faster and easier than using a normal skilling location.

If the skilling action can be triggered from the inventory - e.g. mixing potions, fletching logs - the location only has to be interacted with once to obtain the bonuses for several minutes if the portable is not moved away from. This allows some actions to be done faster or more conveniently than clicking the portable, usually via the action bar, while still getting the benefits.

Location Skill(s) GE Price
Portable brazier.png Portable brazier Firemaking 46,082
Portable crafter.png Portable crafter Crafting 45,914
Portable fletcher.png Portable fletcher Fletching 45,130
Portable range.png Portable range Cooking 46,329
Portable sawmill.png Portable sawmill Construction* 3,862
Portable well.png Portable well Herblore 37,449

* Does not directly train Construction.



Portable braziers allow bonfire-style Firemaking training, with the following benefits:

  • Always acts as if 5 or more players are using it
  • Provides an additional 10% base experience boost
  • 10% chance to not consume the log while still providing the full experience
  • Provides the life points boost available from a normal bonfire for 66 minutes, regardless of the log used

Portable crafters give the following benefits when training Crafting:

  • 10% extra experience on most Crafting training
  • 10% chance to save hides or soft clay (can also occur with wasteless crafting; saved resources sent to the bank)
  • 5% chance to save a gem when cutting it (except onyx and hydrix; saved resources sent to the bank)

Almost any Crafting action can be done using the portable crafter (either by using the left-click 'Craft' option, or using the material on the crafter) to get the 10% experience boost, including glassblowing (normal, robust, and crystal glass) and making battlestaves. Jewellery cannot be made on a portable crafter (uses a portable forge instead), nor can spinning wheel or loom products.

Portable crafters can also tan any hides, at the same price as a standard tanner. Combined with bank presets, good placement, and plenty of up-front money, this results in some fairly high-value money making methods.


Portable fletchers grant these benefits when training Fletching using it:

  • 10% extra experience on most Fletching training
  • 10% chance to save logs when fletching unstrung bows or crossbow stocks up to elder (including protean logs in fletching-only mode)
  • 10% chance to save arrowheads and headless arrows when making arrows (including broad arrows)
  • 10% chance to save unfinished bolts and feathers when making bolts (including ascension bolts)
  • 10% chance to string two items at once when stringing bows or crossbows

All saved resources are sent to the bank.


Portable ranges grant the following benefits when used for Cooking:

  • 21% extra Cooking experience
  • Acts as a range
  • 5% chance to create an extra piece of food (can also occur with the modified sous chef's toque; extra items sent to the bank)

Portable sawmills act as a sawmill operator, converting logs into planks, with a 10% discount. Portable sawmills do not directly train Construction.


Portable wells grant the following benefits:

  • Acts as a water source for all water containers (including making soft clay)
  • Provides infinite vials of water (empty vials not required)
  • 10% extra Herblore experience when mixing any type of potion (including unfinished and combination potions)
  • 5% chance to make an extra potion (can also occur with the modified botanist's mask; does not duplicate combination potions; additional items are sent to the bank)



Portable forges could be used to smelt bars and to smith items, with the following benefits:

  • 10% extra experience on most Smithing training
  • 5% chance to create an additional bar when smelting (extra items sent to the bank)
  • 10% chance per bar to save each bar used in a Smithing action (included protean bars; could also occur with wasteless smithing; saved resources sent to the bank)

The portable forge could also be used to craft gold and silver jewellery, but it gave no benefits over a normal furnace (other than convenience).

The left-click option of the forge could be toggled between 'Smith' (use the anvil) and 'Smelt' (use the furnace) with the right-click 'Configure' option.

Portable forges were removed from the game when a significant rework of Smithing was released.


Portable deposit box
Main article: Portable deposit box

Portable deposit boxes are limited-time rewards available from promotions such as Balthazar's Big Raffle. When used, they place a temporary bank deposit box at the location for an hour, with the option of limiting it to only the placer using it, or allowing everyone to use it. They are commonly used at shops with a lot of stock of desired items, or as a more expensive but faster way to train Summoning at the Taverley obelisk.

Deployable herb burner

Deployable herb burners were introduced as a reward from the 2015 Hallowe'en event (and returned in the 2016 Hallowe'en event), and are also available as a rare drop from ghosts. The burner acts like a portable skilling station, but has infinite uses (but cannot be extended). It is used to destroy clean herbs, granting 10 times the Herblore experience gained by cleaning that herb. Unlike portable skilling stations, the herb burner is both obtainable and usable by ironmen.

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