Portable well detail

Portable well is an item won on Treasure Hunter that acts as a free water source as well as an infinite supply of vials of water (empty vials are not required). All types of potions made using it give 10% more Herblore experience along with a 5% chance of creating an extra potion. A player can make any potion by clicking the well. Alternatively, if made next to a well and while facing the well, the effect still applies. Combination potions do not have a chance generating an extra potion although the 10% more Herblore experience will still be gained.

The following message appears when this happens (even if an extra flask is filled):
You mix such a potent potion that you fill an extra vial, thanks to this incredible mixing station! It has been sent to your bank.

It can be placed anywhere that you can light a fire and is both visible to and usable by all other players. It vanishes after being placed for 5 minutes. If the well vanishes but the player has not finished making all potions, they will continue making but the well's effect will not work.

There is no official world for portable wells, however players using portable wells can often be found adjacent to the Burthorpe bank in World 2 or the GE in World 16, or at the Combat Academy near Lumbridge in World 84.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Shiny four-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon
Shiny three-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon
Shiny two-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon
Sparkling four-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon
Sparkling three-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon
Sparkling two-leaf clover necklaceN/A5Uncommon


  • As of 6 June 2016, checking the duration of a portable skill station will no longer interrupt skilling actions. This action can also be done remotely.
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