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A shielded portal.

Portals are tears between the fabric of the universe created by Wizard Grayzag that feature in the Pest Control minigame. They spawn monsters, and must be destroyed to win the game. At the start of a game, all four portals are shielded, which makes the portal unattackable. Players will have to wait for the Void Knight to disable the shield before attacking. The first shield will go down 15 seconds into the game, and then the following shields will go down after 30 seconds. Shields go down in a random order and are announced when they do, so it is best to have small groups at each portal. The portals can be healed by spinners, and players are advised to kill these before attacking the portal. Destroying a portal will heal the Void Knight, and also kill any spinners that were trying to heal it.

The weakness depends on the colour of the portal:

Colour Location Weakness
Purple portal icon.png West Fire weakness icon.png Fire spells
Blue portal icon.png East Bolt weakness icon.png Bolts
Yellow portal icon.png South-east Crush weakness icon.png Crush
Red portal icon.png South-west Arrow weakness icon.png Arrows


  • Prior to the Pest Control graphical update, these portals looked like portals elsewhere. The old portals also had some sort of fungi around it rather than a rift under the portal.
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