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Relina Vyrel is a renowned portal expert and one of the best in her branch of studies, according to her. She has a grudge against Avalani for her instant fame after one breakthrough, whereas she has studied for years and wrote many papers on the subject. She was situated north of Lumbridge Swamp and just south of the H.A.M. Hideout on 2 July 2013. There was a mysterious portal near her, which she studied. This was the teaser to the Battle of Lumbridge.

She theorised that the portal was not created by any of the gods, but was simply a result of Guthix's death. Despite this, she believed that something would come through. Eventually, Zamorak did, and began destroying the ground around the portal, resulting in all of the people nearby running away in terror, including Relina. While she may have sustained some injuries, Relina is alive, having gone elsewhere.



  • She looks extremely similar to Abbess Benita, only with blue robes.
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