Portents are automatically-used inventory items with effects such as healing players who fall below a certain amount of health. They are made with divine energy, gathered from wisps.

Regular portents are tradeable while attuned portents are untradeable and have higher healing or damage. Some portents have a corresponding Sign that has a similar effect, such as Portent of life and Sign of life, which perform the same function and share cooldown. Others can stack, such as Portent of item protection and Sign of item protection, allowing them to be used together for an increased effect (not exceeding 5 items protected).


Restoration portents heal the player when they drop below 50% health during combat. Attuned portents heal by 100% of the original food's value, and normal portents heal 75%. Dropping below 50% health by other means, such as failing at Thieving, will not cause these portents to activate. Attuned portents have a Constitution level requirement for their use and offer a similar amount of healing to their component ingredient, essentially becoming automatically used food. Restoration portents do not stack nor do they consume adrenaline when used. Only one portent may be used at a time, although there is no limit to how many portents could be carried in inventory.

There is no Divination level needed to use the portents, however, you need to have the Divination level to make the normal and the attuned portents.

Restoration portents take effect at the point of 50% health. If the first one doesn't heal you above the 50% mark, the second one won't take effect until the player first exceeds 50% health and then falls below it again.

Because the healing effect of portents is applied after receiving damage, a portent will not allow the player to recover from an attack which consumes all of the player's life points.

When the player drops below 50% health with multiple portents in their inventory, the highest level portent will be consumed (subject to requirements).

The player requires both the appropriate Divination and Constitution levels to consume an attuned portent of restoration, since they are untradeable. However, if the player uses a temporary boost to create the portent, they would be consumed normally even after the boost wears off.

Certain special boss attacks, such as the Queen Black Dragon's fire walls, will not trigger portents of restoration. This is likely an oversight by Jagex.

Restoration portentDivinationConstitutionEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceHealsMaterial CostGE Price
Portent of restoration IPortent of restoration I21030 pale energycrayfishanchovies,
shrimp, sardine,
chicken, or meat
Attuned portent of restoration IAttuned portent of restoration I51030 pale energy1 crayfish, anchovies,
shrimp, sardine,
chicken, or meat
Portent of restoration IIPortent of restoration II151530 flickering energy1 trout3.42806,312982
Attuned portent of restoration IIAttuned portent of restoration II181530 flickering energy1 trout3.93756,312N/A
Portent of restoration IIIPortent of restoration III252530 bright energy1 salmon5.64658,7891,461
Attuned portent of restoration IIIAttuned portent of restoration III272530 bright energy1 salmon5.86258,789N/A
Portent of restoration IVPortent of restoration IV353030 glowing energy1 tuna7.65605,7072,068
Attuned portent of restoration IVAttuned portent of restoration IV373030 glowing energy1 tuna7.87505,707N/A
Portent of restoration VPortent of restoration V454035 sparkling energy1 lobster9.490010,9564,496
Attuned portent of restoration VAttuned portent of restoration V474035 sparkling energy1 lobster9.7120010,956N/A
Portent of restoration VIPortent of restoration VI555040 gleaming energy1 swordfish11.510506,7974,843
Attuned portent of restoration VIAttuned portent of restoration VI575040 gleaming energy1 swordfish11.814006,797N/A
Portent of restoration VIIPortent of restoration VII656245 vibrant energy1 monkfish13.6120017,9834,988
Attuned portent of restoration VIIAttuned portent of restoration VII676245 vibrant energy1 monkfish13.8160017,983N/A
Portent of restoration VIIIPortent of restoration VIII758050 lustrous energy1 shark15.5150012,1831,682
Attuned portent of restoration VIIIAttuned portent of restoration VIII778050 lustrous energy1 shark15.8200012,183N/A
Portent of restoration IXPortent of restoration IX868850 radiant energy1 cavefish19.3165022,9401,608
Attuned portent of restoration IXAttuned portent of restoration IX878850 radiant energy1 cavefish19.7220022,940N/A
Portent of restoration XPortent of restoration X979560 incandescent energy1 rocktail23.4172529,29027,252
Attuned portent of restoration XAttuned portent of restoration X989560 incandescent energy1 rocktail23.6230029,290N/A


Portents of degradation are available to make after Fate of the Gods. They heal the player while damaging your opponent if your life points fall below 50%.

Degradation portentDivinationConstitutionEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceHealsDamagesMaterial CostGE Price
Portent of degradation IPortent of degradation I778050 elder energy1 shark15.584048022,9836,607
Attuned portent of degradation IAttuned portent of degradation I778050 elder energy1 shark15.8112064022,9836,607
Portent of degradation IIPortent of degradation II868850 elder energy1 cave fish19.392052023,5904,492
Attuned portent of degradation IIAttuned portent of degradation II878850 elder energy1 cave fish19.7123070023,5904,492
Portent of degradation IIIPortent of degradation III979360 elder energy1 rocktail23.497555029,9508,311
Attuned portent of degradation IIIAttuned portent of degradation III979360 elder energy1 rocktail23.6130074029,9508,311

Item protection

The portent of item protection automatically allows the player to keep an additional item when a player dies. The portent will be consumed after the effect is applied. Portents of item protection can stack with one another, with the sign of item protection, or with the Protect Item prayer, for a total of 5 kept items.

Item protection portentLevelEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceMaterial Cost
Portent of item protectionPortent of item protection9260 luminous energy4 prayer potion (4)21.327,540


The portent of life resurrects the player after death and provides 25% of the base life points. It has a one-hour cooldown, shared with the sign of death, the sign of life, the portent of death, and the defence cape perk, and it cannot be used in PvP areas.

The portent of life does not work everywhere. When fighting Vorago, the player will not be able to enter the fight if killed by the initial 50,000 damage. Additionally, the portent of life will not function if Vorago pushes you off the cliff at the end of the fight.

Life portentLevelEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceMaterial Cost
Portent of lifePortent of life99100 incandescent energy1 diamond ring2445,714


The portent of death is an item that resurrects the player after death and gives the player 15% of their base life points and also removes 15% of the target's base life points, to a maximum of 5000 damage. It has a one-hour cooldown, shared with the sign of death, the sign of life, the portent of life, and the defence cape perk, and it cannot be used in PvP areas.

Death portentLevelEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceMaterial Cost
Portent of deathPortent of death99100 elder energy1 diamond ring2446,814


Portents of passage allow you to pass through dungeoneering skill doors that you normally cannot get through up to a certain number of skill levels above the door requirement. These portents can only be created within Daemonheim.

If a player attempts to open a skill door with a portent with multiple tier portents in their inventory, the lowest appropriate tier will be used.

Portents do stack with skill boosts. For example, if a door requires 105 Woodcutting, you can boost Woodcutting to 102 and then use a Portent of Passage II to get through the door.

Portent of passage Divination Ingredient XP Max Levels Bypassed
Portent of passage I Portent of passage I 2 30 Pale energy 10 2
Portent of passage II Portent of passage II 15 30 Flickering energy 20 4
Portent of passage III Portent of passage III 25 30 Bright energy 30 6
Portent of passage IV Portent of passage IV 35 30 Glowing energy 40 8
Portent of passage V Portent of passage V 45 35 Sparkling energy 50 10
Portent of passage VI Portent of passage VI 55 40 Gleaming energy 60 12
Portent of passage VII Portent of passage VII 65 45 Vibrant energy 70 14
Portent of passage VIII Portent of passage VIII 75 50 Lustrous energy 80 16
Portent of passage IX Portent of passage IX 86 50 Brilliant energy 90 18
Portent of passage X Portent of passage X 97 60 Radiant energy 100 20
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