This article is about the surface version. For the Daemonheim version, see Portent of restoration X (Daemonheim).
Portent of restoration X detail
Activating portent

A player activating a portent of restoration

Portent of restoration X is a portent created with level 97 Divination using 60 incandescent energy and 1 rocktail, yielding 23.4 Divination experience. When a player's life points drop below 50%, this item will automatically heal 1725 life points if it is in the player's inventory and if the player has at least level 93 Constitution.

Please note that this portent will not activate if the player lowers their life points using the abilities Shadow Tendrils, Smoke Tendrils or Blood Tendrils.


Portent of restoration X Portent of restoration X
Divination-Make-X GE icon
23.4 XP--
Divination Divination level97
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Incandescent energy 1Incandescent energy6041024,600
Total price29,290
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