For the pet, see Postie Pete (pet).
Postie PeteParcels from the Hedge
Postie Pete chathead
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Postie Pete (Parcels from the Hedge) chathead

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Postie Pete is a postman who consists of a skull, a blue RPDT cap, and a satchel he carries around in his mouth. He is RuneScape's only known postman, not counting The Postcat.

He delivers all of the Postbag from the Hedge letters to their destinations, and ventures into whatever dangerous places he must to get there - although he can never be seen to do this in-game, preferring instead to pop up around locations within RuneScape.

He makes a short appearance in A Clockwork Syringe, when players try to enter their POH he leaves a note, which can be used to start the quest. He also plays a small role in Pieces of Hate.

In 2018 he acted as the host for the Parcels from the Hedge event in Burthorpe, giving information about the different rewards and keeping Postie Pete's Post Office.


In Postbag from the Hedge 19 it is implied that Postie Pete became a skull after being attacked by a dragon.

During a conversation with Lanthus at Castle Wars Postie Pete mentions that he was cursed by a witch.

In Postbag from the Hedge 40 it is implied by Mother Mallum that she had momentarily took control of Postie Pete's mind, suggesting that he is in some way alive, in order to write a reply to a postcard.

He replaced the internal messaging delivery system of Daemonheim by jamming a spanner into the machine that ran it.

He can speak over 1,000 languages including Wyvern, and usually tells a rather weak joke. According to Baba Yaga, Postie Pete's Crafting level is 1. However, this is debatable as in a letter's response, he completed the Lost City quest, which requires level 31 Crafting. Lanthus also says to Postie Pete that he should say hi to the kids for him, this showing that he must have children.

It is possible that he is a spy or a scout for the Imperial Guard of Asgarnia because of the conversation players can have with him while at the Bandit Camp, and the conversation he has with Party Pete: "I'm here to see some white knights." He also mentions a "plan" that is very secretive with Noterazzo in his general store.

Family tree

Aunt Poyson
Mrs. Pete
Mr. Pete
Mr. Pete
Mr. Pete
Party Pete
Parroty Pete
Postie Pete
Pious Pete
Pirate Pete
Pumpkin Pete
Prison Pete


Postie Pete stamp

Postie Pete as he appears on his own postage stamp.

Postie Pete can be found at the following locations:

Audio options icon
It's Pete!
The jingle that plays when Pete appears.



  • If spoken to just as he's about to "head off", the message "Postie Pete is talking to someone - Don't you know it's rude to interrupt?" appears in the chatbox.
  • Postie Pete carries his mail satchel in his mouth, but his chathead doesn't show that.
  • When Pete appears nearby, a short jingle will play.
  • When he appears near Pirate Pete he will be talking like Murray the skull from the Monkey Island game series. The player 'hints' it by saying "I have a strange feeling of deja vu".
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Postie Pete. He headbutted the bucket. He's got one mandible in the grave. He's skull-rolled off this mortal coil."
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