Postie Pete's Post Office
Postie Pete's Post Office
Release date 1 May 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Burthorpe
Owner Postie Pete
Specialty Lost property, parcels

Postie Pete's Post Office is a store released on 1 May 2018 as part of the Parcels from the Hedge event. It can be accessed through Postie Pete's letter, postage stamps, or by talking to Postie Pete in Burthorpe. Players may claim lost property through the Office as well as purchase unclaimed parcels using postage stamps.

Players must be standing in a designated safe bank zone to claim any items in the Post Office.


Lost property Daily parcels
Lost property (light) Lost property (light) 5
Lost property (heavy) Lost property (heavy) 10
Lost property (bulky) Lost property (bulky) 15
Lost property (weighty) Lost property (weighty) 20
Unclaimed parcel Cost
Small parcel Unclaimed parcel [1] Postage stamps 10
  1. ^ A random parcel from Postie Pete, ranging from small to huge.


  • The unclaimed parcel has the same inventory image as a small parcel.
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