Power Generator
Power Generator
Release date 11 December 2017 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Grand Exchange
Examine Power Generator: Pretty sure it generates power.

Control Panel: Only a mastermind could figure out how to use this.
Transformation chamber: A chamber for transforming things.


The Power Generator is a part of the 2017 Christmas event.

It can be tinkered with and configured to receive either Smithing or Crafting experience. Tinkering with the generator continuously yields experience in 2.4-second intervals. At level 99 in the respective skills, 43 Smithing or Crafting experience is gained at a time. After the first experiment with the generator during the quest the Control Panel starts smoking every once in a while, granting 215 extra experience at level 99 in the respective skill when it's pressed. From levels 1 to 64 the tinkering and control panels yield 10 and 50 experience respectively, and from level 65 on scales upwards to 43 and 215 at level 99. Pressing the Control Panel does not stop the tinkering of the generator.

The Power Generator is attached to a control panel and a transformation chamber. The transformation chamber is non-interactable.

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