Prawn balls detail

Prawn balls are an item regularly obtained whilst Fishing. They are earned for every 35,000 life points worth of fish caught. The life point threshold can be reduced with prawn perks. Each time a prawn ball is earned, there is a 10% chance a prawn cracker will instead be received. Fish that can't be consumed, like leaping fish, have an artificial value of life points assigned to them. Up to 60 prawn balls are opened at a time.

Fifty bonus prawn balls are given to people who have obtained level 99 Fishing by speaking to the Prawnbroker in the Aquarium of a player-owned house.

Catches from divine locations do not count toward the life points threshold. Catching fish for Fisherman Frodi for Managing Miscellania also does not count.

Potential rewards

Item Chance
Prawn penny Prawn penny 25%
Baron shark 1-5 Baron sharks 10%
Kelp decoration Kelp decoration 10%
Telescope lenses Telescope lenses 7%
Mermaid's purse decoration Mermaid's purse decoration 7%
Porthole Porthole 7%
Message in a bottle Message in a bottle 5.5%
Shark jawbone Shark jawbone 5.5%
Ship figurehead Ship figurehead 5.5%
Anchor decoration Anchor decoration 5.5%
Prawn pound Prawn pound 4%
Treasure chest decoration Treasure chest decoration 3%
Cannon decoration Cannon decoration 3%
White wolf mountain decoration White wolf mountain decoration 1%
Vorago decoration Vorago decoration 1%
Sea troll egg decoration Sea troll egg decoration 1%
Fishing guild decoration Fishing guild decoration 1%
Tribal mask decoration Tribal mask decoration 1%
Fremennik longboat decoration Fremennik longboat decoration 1%
Golden mystery egg Golden mystery egg 0.5%
Golden prawn cracker Golden prawn cracker 0.5%


  • Prior to 31 July 2017, prawn balls could only be opened one at a time.
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