Prawn cracker detail

Prawn cracker is an item released with Aquariums. Every 35,000 life points worth of fish fished, players have a 10% chance of getting a prawn cracker, and a 90% chance of getting a prawn ball. The life point threshold can be reduced with prawn perks. Unlike a prawn ball, a prawn cracker can be pulled on another player and both players will receive a prawn ball. In order to pull a cracker on another player, the other player must not be currently doing anything (like fishing) and also have enabled the receiving of prawn balls. In case a player tries to pull a cracker on player that doesn't have the setting enabled, the message "player has no interest in receiving a prawn cracker".

There is no limit on the number of prawn crackers one can have.



  • Prior to an update on 16 January 2017, prawn crackers did not stack in your inventory.
  • Using it on a ironman player results in the message: "[name] is an ironman and has no interest in pulling your cracker."
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