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The Prawnbroker is a non-player character that resides on the ground level of a player's Aquarium in a driftwood, flotsam or boutique shack. The Prawnbroker provides players access to their Prawn Perks, where each tier must be completed to get to the next tier.

Prawn Perks can be unlocked by finding golden fish eggs and gaining 1, 20, 100 and 200 prawn balls and prawn crackers. Unlocking all fifteen perks is a completionist cape requirement, and unlocking all perks plus achieving the additional 3 perk points is a trimmed completionist cape requirement.

Fifty bonus prawn balls are available to players who have obtained level 99 Fishing by speaking to the Prawnbroker.

Prawn Perks

Tier 1
Increased chance for Prawn balls[1]
Fish without using bait[2]
Aquarium landmark choice[3]
10x Prawn pennies
Tier 2 - requires all of Tier 1 unlocked
Golden mystery egg
Tier 3 - requires all of Tier 2 unlocked
Increased chance for Prawn balls[4]
Fly fish without using feathers
Prawn pennies and prawn pounds last twice as long
Three diving suit cosmetic overrides
Tier 4 - requires all of Tier 3 unlocked
Golden prawn cracker[5]
Tier 5 - requires all of Tier 4 unlocked
Increased chance for Prawn balls[6]
Barbarian fish without bait or feathers
Great white shark pet and great white shark for Aquarium
Great white sharks can be fished from shark fishing spots
Tier 6 - requires all of Tier 5 unlocked
Sushi can be made with the Cooking skill
  1. ^ Every 30,000 instead of every 35,000 worth of life points. Affects all prawn items.
  2. ^ This works on both free-to-play and member's worlds. Living minerals still required for fishing in the Living Rock Caverns
  3. ^ If all landmarks are unlocked, you will get 10 Prawn balls instead.
  4. ^ Every 27,500 instead of every 30,000 worth of life points. Affects all prawn items.
  5. ^ Golden mystery egg if Ironman.
  6. ^ Every 25,000 instead of every 27,500 worth of life points. Affects all prawn items.




  • The Prawnbroker's name is a play on the word "pawnbroker".
  • Tier 1 and 3 baitless fishing does not work with barbarian fishing, only Tier 5 will work.
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