Premier Club Vault
Premier Club Vault
Release date 20 November 2017 (Update)
Area Grand Exchange
Members Yes
Frequency Monthly
Reset Unknown edit
Skills None
Currency None

The Premier Club Vault is a monthly Distraction and Diversion that can be accessed through a portal in Varrock's Grand Exchange. It is exclusive for members that have a gold Premier Club subscription. Ironmen can access the vault with a different drop table allocated to them.[1]

The activity provides players with the opportunity to win rewards by opening as many chests as they can within one minute. The larger the size of the chest, the bigger the prize that will be within it. However, opening larger chests takes more time, but you get 2x the reward for medium, 3x for large, and 4x for huge chests. Players should open a huge chest in the last few seconds, since you are guaranteed to open the last clicked chest even if time runs out. If there is a prismania or fallen star promo granting extra double xp for fallen stars won off Treasure Hunter, it is recommended to do your Premier Club Vault D&D during that promotion as the stars obtained from the Vault will grant more XP as well.

Approximate seconds to open chests:

Size Time
Small 3s
Medium 6s
Large 9s
Huge 12s

Getting there

Premier Club Vault portal

The portal to the Premier Club Vault

To enter the vault, players need to enter a portal on the west side of the Grand Exchange, which is being guarded by a guardian of the Vault. Talking to them provides information about Premier Club, and information about where the portal goes to.

Entering the portal requires an empty inventory.

Attempting to enter the portal without having a gold Premier Club subscription will give the message You need to be a 2019 Gold Premier Club Member to enter the Vault.


Premier Club Vault chest

A chest in the Premier Club Vault

For each chest opened, players will receive an item from the table below. The quantity received is multiplied depending on what type of chest was opened.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Prismatic medium fallen starPrismatic medium fallen star1CommonNot sold
Prismatic large fallen starPrismatic large fallen star1UncommonNot sold
Prismatic huge fallen starPrismatic huge fallen star1UncommonNot sold
Medium prismatic lampMedium prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Large prismatic lampLarge prismatic lamp1UncommonNot sold
Huge prismatic lampHuge prismatic lamp1RareNot sold
Silverhawk down 5Silverhawk down25CommonNot sold
Tight springTight spring25CommonNot sold
Medium protean packMedium protean pack1UncommonNot sold
Portable skilling packPortable skilling pack1UncommonNot sold
Premier Club reward tokenPremier Club reward token1Very rareNot sold

Ironman drop table

This loot table is much different compared to the regular table, and is very similiar to the Dwarven instinct aura's table. The loot is based around total level.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Grimy iritGrimy irit3–10Varies15,024–50,080
Raw salmonRaw salmon18Varies9,144
Willow logsWillow logs8Varies1,984
Raw monkfishRaw monkfish3Varies3,021
Coins 10000Coins13,280–120,000Varies13,280–120,000
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore2–8Varies454–1,816
Uncut diamondUncut diamond2–12Varies9,686–58,116
Teak plankTeak plank6–17Varies2,232–6,324
Yew logsYew logs1–16Varies167–2,672
Teak logsTeak logs8VariesNot sold
Crystal keyCrystal key1Varies21,811
Irit seed 5Irit seed3Varies3,054
Kwuarm seed 5Kwuarm seed1–8VariesNot sold
Sealed clue scroll (easy)Sealed clue scroll (easy)1VariesNot sold
Sealed clue scroll (medium)Sealed clue scroll (medium)1VariesNot sold
Maple logsMaple logs8Varies864
CoalCoal2; 12Varies224–1,344
Oak plankOak plank1–5Varies556–2,780
Raw tunaRaw tuna4Varies1,392
Raw lobsterRaw lobster12Varies4,236
Uncut emeraldUncut emerald7Varies17,885
Uncut sapphireUncut sapphire2Varies1,618
Raw swordfishRaw swordfish23Varies7,843
Uncut rubyUncut ruby6Varies11,052



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