The Premier artefact is an item provided to players who purchase a Premier Club package which offers a selection of four benefits. It was first provided as part of Premier Club 2019 as a replacement for the Premier Club auras that were previously given. It was also provided as part of Premier Club 2020 without any changes or additions.


The player can activate one of the Premier artefact's four benefits once per day. Premier artefact benefits cannot be activated while an aura is active, and an aura cannot be activated while a Premier artefact benefit is active.

  • 50% chance to act as a sign of the porter (lasts one hour)
  • Refresh the cooldown of an aura
  • +10% experience gain (lasts one hour)
  • +20% hitchance on enemies below 15% health (excludes PvP activities) and a 10% chance to stop Slayer count from decreasing (lasts one hour)
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