Spring FayrePlayer-owned farm
Prezleek chathead

Prezleek is a yak enthusiast who runs the Bucking Baroo attraction and operates the rewards shop called Yak Shop as part of the Spring Fayre event.

He also acts as a yak trader at the player-owned farm, buying Jack the yak for 500 beans.


Rewards Price (Fayre Tickets) (2017) Price (RuneCoins) (2018)
Yak balloon token Yak balloon token 1,000 495
Yak plushie token Yak plushie token 1,200 594

Player-owned farm

Prezleek occasionally appears at the Manor Farm, as Prezleek the yak trader. Up to 6 yaks may be sold to him every 3 days in exchange for beans.

He will either want the Fremennik Yak or Spirit Yak breeds, which provides 10% extra beans. He will also want a specific trait, which provides 10% extra beans. If both the breed and trait is matched, it becomes 25% extra beans.

Base beans per growth stage
Stage  % of beans Sell price
Elder 70% 525 beans
Adult 85% 638 beans
Adolescent 100% 750 beans
Baby 20% 150 beans



  • The NPC is named after Prezleek, an artist and animator popularised for her RuneScape themed comic strips which often feature a pack yak.[1]
  • The slayer task dialogue is a reference to this Soul Reaper comic. [2]