Prifddinas waterfall fishing

The waterfall in Prifddinas

Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing is a Fishing activity that is located at the Prifddinas Waterfall between the Meilyr and Crwys Clan districts in Prifddinas. The waterfall features 3 tiers:

Experience that is gained from waterfall fishing is not affected by the Voice of Seren. At level 99 Fishing a player may gain between 135,000-160,000 Fishing experience when using a Fishing outfit, perfect juju fishing potions, decorated fishing urns, a fishing rod-o-matic with Furnace and Honed perks and granite lobsters.

How to get there

Players must climb the handholds set into the rock face to reach the top of the waterfall. A grapple shortcut, requiring level 90 Agility, Ranged, and Strength, must be traversed in order to reach the fishing spots. A temporary boost such as an Overload will work. Players will also need to bring a mithril grapple and crossbow, unless they have built the nearby hidey-hole, which requires a rune crossbow, mithril grapple, and 4 mahogany planks. You may use temporary skill boosts to use this route.

Alternatively, players can teleport here by attuning a skilling portal in the Max Guild Garden to this location which will teleport them to the tier 2 platform next to the bank chest. This requires at least one skill with level 99 or the quest point cape to access the Garden and 90 Agility, Strength and Ranged to use the teleport. Boosts cannot be used to tune the portal, even if you would otherwise be able to boost your Agility level to access the waterfall normally.

Points and distractions

The urchins obtained from fishing count as crystal urchin points which in turn can be spent on rewards from Mhistyll's Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Shop. Small urchins are worth one point, medium urchins two points and large urchins are worth three points each.

While fishing at the waterfall players can encounter random events: big urchin, leaping urchins and geyser.

Big Urchin

When a big urchin appears, players must pull a big urchin out of the water together. Players who manage to pull it out of the water are awarded 300 experience in Fishing and Strength, along with 30 small crystal urchins, 20 medium crystal urchins, and 10 large crystal urchins, equivalent to 100 crystal urchin points.

Leaping Urchin

The leaping urchin event consists of leaping urchins that players can try to catch. When the urchins appear, a player has to click it in time to catch it to get a certain amount of small, medium or large urchins. This will also yield 300 experience in Agility and Fishing.

The possible rewards for catching one are:

The total being equivalent to 100 crystal urchin points.


When a geyser appears, it sprays stacks of crystal urchins around the waterfall area which can then be picked up. Small, medium and large urchins appear in stacks of 1–14 at random.

Fishing benefits



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