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{{External|os=Elven city guard}}
{{External|os=Elven city guard}}
{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Prifddinas guard
|name = Prifddinas guard
|image = [[File:Elven city guard.png|175px]]
|image = [[File:Elven city guard.png|175px]]

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Elven city guard chathead

Prifddinas guards are elven guards found at the southern and eastern gates of Prifddinas. They prevent access to Prifddinas prior to completion of Plague's End, stating that "no humans may enter Prifddinas while those criminals are at large". When questioned as to why they are guarding a field, they say that while Prifddinas may be lost, they are proud to guard the land it once occupied.

After Prifddinas is restored during the events of Plague's End, they once more allow access into the city.



  • They were previously known as Elven city guard, and only one could be found at each entrance to the city. They also had the examine text of "An elven city guard." They were changed to their current state with the actual release of Prifddinas.
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