King Argenthorg chathead

Prince Argenthorg, later King Argenthorg, was the son of King Healthorg and the king of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Argenthorg succeeded Healthorg after his death, and was eventually succeeded by King Narnode Shareen.


Argenthorg poster

Argenthorg's campaign poster.

After his father's death, Argenthorg ran against Bolrie - the leader of the Tree Gnome Village - in the election for the next king of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Bolrie figured it would be easy to show the gnome populace that Argenthorg was going to spread human influence in gnomish culture.

During a confrontation with Bolrie in which illusory human food was discovered next to Argenthorg, Argenthorg asked Yewnock to switch on his anti-illusion device and exposed Bolrie's adviser as Glouphrie. The gnome populace would no longer trust Bolrie after this, so he stopped running in the election, and Argenthorg was eventually crowned king of the gnome stronghold until his death.

Preceded by Title Succeeded by
King Healthorg Leader of the Gnome Stronghold Unknown (eventually King Narnode Shareen)
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