Prince Brand chathead

Prince Brand is the son of King Vargas, the ruler of Miscellania. He lives with his father and sister Princess Astrid in the castle on the western side of the island. Female players get engaged to Brand during the Throne of Miscellania quest; if the player character is male, they will get engaged to Astrid instead. He also features in the Royal Trouble quest. Like his sister, he is rather vain. Brand loves cake and thinks he is an amazing poet.

Female player characters have the option of marrying him during Blood Runs Deep. Astrid and Brand are killed by the Dagannoth Kings towards the end of the quest, and are cremated in pyre ships.

Prince Brand also features in Nomad's Elegy, where he aids the player while in Limbo, and is killed by Nomad.





  • If the player changes gender after getting engaged to Astrid and speaks to Brand on Brundt's boat after the Battle for Rellekka, he will say "Ah, ____, how I wish you were still a woman. You were such a great muse."
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