Prism of Dowsing
Prism of Dowsing
Release date 24 August 2015 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 86
Spellbook Ancient
Type Skilling
Experience 103
Runes 3Soul rune3Nature rune3Fire rune3Earth rune
Quest The Light Within
Prism of Dowsing
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Prism of Dowsing is a Seren spell unlocked by The Light Within, that creates an area of effect prism that works on any player with accept aid on. It is a skilling spell that enriches divine memories and draws wisps towards the prism before being destroyed 5 minutes after it is placed. The prisms time can be replenished by two and a half minutes by casting the spell again while within its area of influence, otherwise another prism is created.

The prism is placed randomly within 2 spaces of the player. It is advantageous to place the prism as close to the energy rift as possible to minimise running time to and from the rift.

A player should be careful where placing the prism, as only one can be placed within a 5 tile radius at a time and the only way it can removed or destroyed is by logging out or exiting to the lobby.

The enrichment effect does not stack with enrichment auras.

Spell cost

3Earth rune3Fire rune3Nature rune3Soul rune5,172
Combo runes
3Fire rune3Nature rune3Soul rune3Dust rune8,376
3Fire rune3Nature rune3Soul rune3Mud rune7,914
3Nature rune3Soul rune3Lava rune8,031
3Earth rune3Nature rune3Soul rune3Smoke rune7,719
3Earth rune3Nature rune3Soul rune3Steam rune7,929
3Fire rune3Nature rune3Soul runeMud battlestaff5,118
3Fire rune3Nature rune3Soul runeStaff of earth5,118
3Earth rune3Nature rune3Soul runeStaff of fire4,749
3Earth rune3Nature rune3Soul runeSteam battlestaff4,749
3Earth rune3Fire rune2.7Nature rune3Soul runeNature staff5,047.8
3Nature rune3Soul runeElemental battlestaff4,695
3Nature rune3Soul runeMystical staff (75)4,695
3Nature rune3Soul runeLava battlestaff4,695
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