Private Paldo chathead

Private Paldo is a barbarian found at Barbarian Assault. Private Paldo will tell players hints and tips if they have made it past wave 10.

After the Barbarian Assault rework, he mentions a barbarian named "Primalmoose" who got through the waves of penance so quickly they decided to create a hard mode and test adventurers' skills against the Penance King.


  • Player: Hi, soldier.
  • Private Peldo: Why hello there! Have you heard about Primalmoose?
  • Player: What's a primal moose?
  • Private Peldo: A barbarian! Word is he's been smashing through waves of Penance faster than anyone we've ever seen. That's why we've decided to battle harder set of waves:[sic] to challenge the veterans.
  • Player: Well, I suppose that's a good idea.
  • Private Peldo: You should try them yourself. Put your skills to the test against the Penance King!
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