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Prize Pool was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Prize Pool was a Treasure Hunter promotion released on 20 September 2017. Opening chests unlocked prizes within the prize pool while at the same time increasing the chance to lose all items in the pool. All the unlocked prizes in the pool could be claimed at any moment by clicking the button left of the pool. The prize pool meter at the top of the interface indicated the player's current chance of losing all the pool prizes. To prevent ruining a streak, the blocker could be moved to select a prize in the pool to prompt a notification when progressing past the selected prize, such as when opening multiple chests at once. The prize pool always contained 2 fairly common yellow gem items, 2 uncommon orange gem items, at least 2 rare red gem items, and at least 1 very rare purple gem item.

A statement released by Jagex on 23 October 2017 about the monetisation of RuneScape stated that Prize Pool will never be returning to the game, following concerns about the gambling aspect of the promotion.[1]


Treasure Hunter Prize Pool meter

Based on a small number of attempts, unlocking yellow prizes had around 10% chance to refresh the pool, and orange ones around 50% chance.

Possible rewards include the following:

Magic notepaper 5
Medium prismatic lamp
Prismatic large fallen star
Prismatic medium fallen star
Large prismatic lamp
Medium cash bag
Prismatic large fallen star
Brilliant alchemist's amulet fragment
Huge prismatic lamp
Prismatic huge fallen star
Bad weather umbrella
Coins 10000
Glowbug in a jar
Map hat
Springy pet token
Telescope (Treasure Hunter)

Release history

Prize Pool (edit)
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
20 September 2017 25 September 2017 Prize Pool


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