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Prized prismatic pendant was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Prized prismatic pendant detail

A prized prismatic pendant is a pendant won from the Squeal of Fortune as a rare prize. It can be turned into any other prized pendant of Skill. It cannot be worn until it has been converted into a prized pendant of Skill, after which it works like a normal fully charged prized pendant of Skill of that chosen variety. This decision is irreversible.

When they were first introduced, players could not choose a skill that they already had a prized pendant for. As of 4 December 2012, it is now possible to create a second prized pendant for a specific skill, provided you destroy the old prized pendant. Unlike other prized pendants, prized prismatic pendants will appear on the Squeal even if you already possess another prized prismatic pendant, it is possible to own more than one, and prized prismatic pendants will stack in the bank.

This pendant gives 2 times more experience than the normal Prismatic pendant.

Prismatic pendant interface

Greyed out skills on the choice screen.

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