Produce points are a currency used in Livid Farm. Produce points have two uses: buying spells and wishes. A livid farm point enhancer will allow the player to gain produce points at 1.5 times the normal rate. A livid plant, obtained from the Travelling Merchant's Shop, will give between 10,000 and 40,000 produce points.


A spell is gained when the player's produce reaches the required level and the player claims the reward from Pauline. The produce points are not spent until the final spell, Borrowed Power, is obtained. This means that, for example, the 35,000 points for Teleport to South Falador are not spent when the spell is obtained, so it takes only 35,000 more points to earn Repair Rune Pouch at 70,000 points.

Once Borrowed Power is unlocked, the player's point total will be reduced by the cost for the spell, and players can start spending their points on wishes.

To unlock all spells will require a total of approximately 538 cycles. This means the following runes are required, which are worth 17,158,050 coins in total without mud staff.

This takes a minimum of 22 hours and 40 minutes.


Unlike the spells, wishes always cost produce points. To gain access to wishes, the player must unlock Borrowed Power. These boosts will last only for a short time, but have useful effects. Wishes require no runes.

Wish Cost
(produce points)
Coins/produce point Effect
Vial My Herbs 5,500 0.5 - 10 (depending on herb and market) Converts all the clean herbs (noted or otherwise) in the player's inventory into unfinished potions of the same type, up to a maximum of 50 of each herb. Does not work with clean fellstalk or cave nightshade.
Turn Lunar Lumber Into Runes 5,500 1.1 Converts all of the lunar lumber from the inventory into runes. A full inventory produces 25 astral runes, 10 nature runes, 10 death runes, 10 earth runes, 10 cosmic runes and 10 water runes, which is worth 21,295 coins in total.
Give me an Arcane Capacitor 18,000 0 Gives the player an uncharged Arcane capacitor necklace for use with Borrowed Power. Once the charges are used, or if charges are removed, the Arcane Capacitor is destroyed.
I'd Like a New Patch! 18,000 0 Provides a one-time allotment farming patch. The patch remains until it is cleared for the first time.
More Planks Please 18,000 1.2 Chance of receiving additional planks while using the Plank Make spell, for a period of 20 minutes. Does not apply to Lunar Lumber. Chance is about 1/10 and 1 noted plank is received if there is space in the inventory or 2 if the inventory is full.
Gimme Herbs 18,000 1.5 Puts 3 grimy kwuarm, 3 grimy irit, 2 grimy cadantine, 2 grimy avantoe and one grimy lantadyme into the inventory (all noted), which is worth 68,651 Coins in total.
Let it rain seeds 18,000 1.2 Watermelon, cactus, poison ivy, strawberry, curry tree and orange tree seeds (average of 9 each) appear on the ground for a short time, for the player to pick up if he or she wants them. The seeds on average are about 15,000.
Reduce The Fish I Burn 18,000 Unknown Become less likely to burn fish, for a period of 30 minutes. Does not apply to fish in Dungeoneering.
Protect a Patch for me! 37,000 Unknown Gives a patch protection scroll which protects a tree or fruit tree patch while it has a plant growing in it. Players may only use one scroll at a time, but it protects 10 of the same type of tree.
Let it Rain Awesome Seeds 55,000 1.9 More valuable seeds appear on the ground for a short time; which drops 4 Ranarr seeds, 4 Watermelon seeds, 6 Curry tree seeds, 2 Pineapple seeds, 2 Papaya seeds, and 4 Willow tree seeds selling for around 27,790 Coins.

Assuming the maximum activities per cycle, and the use of a mud staff, the cost of runes at GE price is:

  • 183,519 coins for 5,500 produce points.
  • 600,608 coins for 18,000 produce points.
  • 1,234,582 coins for 37,000 produce points.
  • 1,835,190 coins for 55,000 produce points.
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