Professional tackle box detail

The professional tackle box is the second highest level Tackle box from the Fish Flingers Distractions and Diversions. It can hold up to 4 fishing tools, 1 pair of gloves, up to 24 fish, and has 3 slots that can each hold up to 650 of Fishing bait. 900 tokens and 230 medals are required to purchase this item. The tokens will be spent, however, the medals are kept.

Telebank fish

A player using the "Telebank fish" option.

The tackle box has the option to take out equipment or bait, check the start time for the next competition, and view games history. The last function is the same as the Fish flingers scorecard. The history is not as extensive as the interface at the end of the game and does not include the experience reward. You can also check the time when the next competition starts by right-clicking the box and selecting Check-time.

An update on 4 June 2013 added the ability to bank 200 fish remotely per day. Otherwise raw fish can only be removed in a bank.

If destroyed, players may claim another one from the Fisherman, free of charge.


Tackle box interface

Example inventory of a tacklebox.

The following tools and items can all be stored in the tackle boxes, but some tools can also be stored on a player's tool belt.

Can be stored in tool belt Cannot be stored in tool belt
Small fishing net Small fishing net[1] Small cast net Small cast net[1]
Big fishing net Big fishing net[1] Big cast net Big cast net[1]
Fishing rod Fishing rod Fishing rod Oily fishing rod
Fly fishing rod Fly fishing rod Karambwan vessel Karambwan vessel
Barbarian rod Barbarian rod Plain fishing urn Fishing urns (only (r), but all tiers)
Harpoon Harpoon[2] Barb-tail harpoon Barb-tail harpoon[2]
Lobster pot Lobster pot Sacred clay harpoon Sacred clay harpoon[2][3][4]
Crayfish cage Crayfish cage Volatile clay harpoon Volatile clay harpoon[2][3][4]
  1. ^ a b c d The fishing nets (small and big) have the same practical use as their cast nets alternatives.
    The only difference is that fishing nets are kept in a person's inventory/tool belt, while cast nets can also be wielded.
  2. ^ a b c d A harpoon, barb-tailed harpoon, sacred clay harpoon, and volatile clay harpoon work the same, but the barb-tailed harpoon, sacred clay harpoon, and volatile clay harpoon must be wielded. A barb-tailed harpoon, sacred clay harpoon, and volatile clay harpoon override the use of Barbarian bare-handed fishing.
  3. ^ a b Unlike other fishing equipment, only one may be stored at a time.
  4. ^ a b Sacred clay harpoon and volatile clay harpoon can only be stored before clicking the "gain xp" option on the said harpoon.
Bait Gloves Fish Outfit[1]
Fishing bait Bait
Fish offcuts Fish offcuts[2]
Stripy feather Stripy feather
Feather Feather
Living minerals Living minerals
Swordfish gloves Swordfish[3]
Monkfish gloves Monkfish[3]
Shark gloves Shark[3]
Cavefish gloves Cavefish[3]
Rocktail gloves Rocktail[3]
Cooking gauntlets Cooking[4]
All types
Raw fish
Fishing hat Hat
Fishing jacket Jacket
Fishing waders Waders
Fishing boots Boots
  1. ^ The outfit has to be worn in order to gain the Fishing bonus experience. Hence, the outfit slots are only useful for conserving bank space and quick withdrawal.
  2. ^ Only used for Barbarian Fishing.
  3. ^ a b c d e Possible reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame.
  4. ^ Possible reward from the Family Crest quest.


  • When in the Clan Citadel, the timer for the next competition reports the start time in 90 minutes.
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