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Professor Oddenstein chathead

Professor Oddenstein is an eccentric scientist[1] residing on the top floor of Draynor Manor. He works as an inventor, though his inventions aren't always successful and can often have their purpose change.[2] He has a habit of human experimentation, such as when he tested a transmutation machine on Ernest, a lost traveller, turning him into a chicken.[3] He is only a tenant of the house, which actually belongs to Count Draynor,[4] though that doesn't stop him inviting people to stay or converting parts of the manor to his needs.[5][6] In turn however, the undead residents often prove troubling for him.[7] He has an assistant, Ava, though she considers him less than stable.[1] He also has a younger brother, Doctor Oddenstein.

Despite his previous failures with the likes of time travel and transmutation, he has been successful in creating security systems, installing systems for Nora T. Hagg[8] and Zemouregal. He has also been able to open an interdimensional rift to the killerwatt plane.

He was later taken to court by Ernest over the human experimentation, in the case Ernest v. Professor Oddenstein, though he argued his actions were in the name of scientific understanding.



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