Promethium ore detail

Promethium ore is a Tier 10 ore that can only be obtained while Dungeoneering. It can either be bought from the Smuggler, received as a monster drop, or mined from a promethium rock.

Mining promethium ore requires level 90 Mining, thus giving it the highest level requirement to mine any rock within Daemonheim.

A player may receive between 1 and 5 ores from each promethium rock, or a maximum of 10 with a gatherer ring, after which it is depleted and no further ore can be mined.


A player can smelt promethium ore into a promethium bar through the Smithing skill by using it on a furnace; this requires level 90 Smithing. Promethium bars can then be used on anvils with a hammer to create promethium equipment.


A player with level 91 Summoning can use promethium ore in combination with a blue charm to create a sachem bloodrager pouch. It used to require 202 spirit shards and a Summoning pouch before they were removed from the Smuggler's shop.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
SmugglerDaemonheim102,000Rusty coinsNo


  • The name of this metal is derived from the name of the Greek titan Prometheus.
  • Promethium is the 61st element of Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol Pm.
  • Thok finds some in the Thok Your Block Off saga and is able to eat it, describing it is a "Taste sensation". He then uses it to make the Best Thing Ever.
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