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Protean chest is a Treasure Hunter reward that may not be currently obtainable via Treasure Hunter.
Protean chest detail

Protean chests are obtainable from Treasure Hunter during the Buried Treasure promotion. They provide a random assortment of protean items once opened.

Possible rewards

Four to five of the following are rewarded when opening the chest, requiring five free inventory spaces and destroying the chest.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Large protean packLarge protean pack1UnknownNot sold
Medium protean packMedium protean pack1UnknownNot sold
Protean barProtean bar40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean cogProtean cog40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean hideProtean hide40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean logsProtean logs40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean memoryProtean memory40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean plankProtean plank40–120UnknownNot sold
Protean trapProtean trap40–120UnknownNot sold
Small protean packSmall protean pack1–2UnknownNot sold
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