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Protean cog is a Treasure Hunter reward that may not be currently obtainable via Treasure Hunter.
Protean cog detail

Protean cogs are protean items used to train Invention. They were first properly available on Treasure Hunter from 26 January 2017, though they were added to the game API (and temporarily to the game as a glitch) over a month earlier on 19 December 2016 (update).

The Invention Tutorial is required to be completed to be able to use protean cogs.

At most 60 protean cogs can be manufactured with one interaction and each takes 4.2 seconds to manufacture.

Like other protean items, cogs can be converted to other protean items at the rate of 3:2.

During the Apple Jubilee promotion, there was a confirmation prompt when attempting to manufacture the cogs without a jubilee hopper. This prompt could be toggled off permanently.

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Level 1-4 are excluded as completing the Invention Tutorial will advance the player's Invention level to level 4. However, that can be seen if a player has obtained a protean cog before they've unlocked invention, or interacted with a Jubilee hopper.

Level XP
1-20 108
21-40 180
41-60 234
61-80 288
81-100 360
101-120 432


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