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Protean logs detail

Protean logs are items that can be used to gain experience in Firemaking and/or Fletching. Right clicking them and choosing "light" will grant Firemaking experience and when choosing the "Craft" option on the logs, an interface will appear asking if you'd like to gain just Fletching experience or gain both Fletching and Firemaking experience. They can also be used in a sawmill to convert to protean planks at a cost of 5 coins per plank. As protean items are stackable, a maximum of 500 logs can be converted each time a portable sawmill is used. Using these logs on a bonfire will provide a boost to a player's maximum health for 66 minutes. Protean logs burns for 6 minutes when lit.

Portable braziers can occasionally save protean logs.

Protean logs are not usable in the All Fired Up minigame.

Protean logs, as with all protean items, can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other protean items.



Level Experience
Fletch and Burn Per bonfire Per log added to bonfire Per log added to bonfire (5+ players)
99 177.1 354


Level Experience
Fletch and burn Fletching
1-10 8 18
10-20 18.5 37
20-25 30.5 61
25-30 46 92
30-35 23 92
35-39 55 111
40 69 138
50 83.5 167
55 97 194
65 112.5 225
67 123.75 247.5
71–79 125 250
80-84 139 278
85–89 152.5 305
90–94 168.5 337
95-99 194 388



  • Fletch & burn logs Fletch logs and Fletch & burn logs appeared as items in the Grand Exchange about two weeks before Protean logs were introduced to the game. While they appear in the skilling interface, they do not appear in-game. Instead, they are shown to distinguish which type of experience the player wishes to gain from the logs.
  • After burning 60 protean logs on a bonfire a message will pop up stating that "Your arms grew tired of throwing protean logs onto the fire but you're ready to go again now."
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