Protean memory detail

The protean memory is a Divination training item that can be won from Treasure Hunter.

They may be released for Divination experience, with the amount awarded dependent upon the player's Divination level. This is split into tiers corresponding to the different levels at which divine energy are unlocked (see below for exact experience values). The experience gained is also affected by boons unlocked[1], which give a permanent 10% increase for each "tier". Only the boon for the player's highest available energy will affect the experience gained. So this means that if the player reaches a new tier, the higher tier would be used instead even if the last tier is more experience per protean memory with the previous boon unlocked (only if the player hasn't unlocked the boon for the new tier). Memory strands can be acquired whilst using protean memories.

It is not possible to release a memory if the player's Divination level is lowered beneath the minimum level for the tier of experience their level falls within. For example, getting 94/95 Divination level will prevent the player releasing the memory until the level returns to normal. Also, level boosts will not affect the divination experience.

Releasing a protean memory takes 4.8 seconds each, allowing for a maximum of 750 memories per hour. The make-X menu will allow a maximum of 60 to be released in a row without further action.

Protean memories, as with all protean items, can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other protean items.

150 protean memories were given as one of the prizes in the 2016 Christmas Advent Calendar.


Protean memory

A player releasing a protean memory.

Experience per point
Skill level Exp Exp (Boons)
1–9 13.3 14.6
10–19 15.7 17.2
20–29 21.5 23.6
30–39 27.4 30.0
40–49 46.9 51.5
50–59 81.5 89.6
60–69 107.3 118.0
70–79 137.3 151.0
80–84 150.2 165.2
85–89 163.0 179.3
90–94 180.2 198.2
95–99 193.1 212.4


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