This article is about dwarves. For Donnie's crew members, see Zombie protester.
Protester chathead

Protesters appear during the King of the Dwarves quest. Initially four of them appear outside the entrance to the lava-flow mine after you have freed all the trapped miners from the rubble. They later appear outside the Consortium building in east Keldagrim in larger numbers, led to Hreidmar. These numbers keep rising throughout the quest. You must convince to Protesters to stop listening to Hreidmar in order to dampen the revolt. To do this you must find Meike to get her to help - one of the protesters will give information as to her location.

The protesters shout a number of things such as:

"Down with the Consortium!"
"Consortium murderers!"

The only thing the ones outside the lava flow mine say when spoken to is "Down with the Consortium!"

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