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==Drop sources==
==Drop sources==
{{Dropping monsters list|Protoleather body}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Forgotten ranger|Combat=2, 7|Quantity=1|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Hope devourer|Combat=100, 180, 186, 192, 198, 204|Quantity=1|Rarity=Varies}}
{{Dungeoneering bodies}}
{{Dungeoneering bodies}}

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Protoleather body detail

A Protoleather body is a ranged body available while Dungeoneering. It can only be found and worn in the dungeons of Daemonheim. It doesn't have any requirements to wield. Making one needs level 9 in Crafting and uses 5 Protomastyx hides and grants 99.5 experience. This is a very fast and recommended way to train crafting to level 30 or 40 if you have plenty of rusty coins (30K+) and do so in each dungeon, as protoleather bodies cost only 2110 coins each, not including the needle, (becomes about 21.2 coins per exp) and if you have even more money (100K+), you can gain from 9 to 20+ crafting in minutes.

Combat Stats
Protoleather armour (male) equippedProtoleather armour (female) equipped
None1Tank armour
Ranged RangedTorso slotDefenceArmour25
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0.02%PvP: 0.06%
Style-Style bonuses


Protoleather body Protoleather body
Crafting-Make-X GE icon
99.5 XP--
Crafting Crafting level9
Quests No quests required
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Protomastyx hideProtomastyx hide54202,100

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Hope devourer84; 88; 92; 96; 100; 105; 109; 113; 117; 121; 126; 130; 134; 138; 1421Random
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