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Pumpkin was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
This article is about the holiday drop from Hallowe'en 2001. For the disguise penguins wear on Hallowe'en, see Penguin (Hide and Seek).
For the pumpkin that can be worn on the head, see Jack lantern mask.

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Pumpkins were the first Holiday item to be dropped, and the first item to be discontinued from the game. The drop occurred around Gielinor on 31 October 2001, marking the 2001 Hallowe'en event.

Upon release many players ate their pumpkins in masses because they heal more than lobsters which were more difficult to obtain.

It is strongly recommended for players with a pumpkin in their possession to note them when withdrawing from the bank as it may be accidentally consumed. Jagex has added a warning message that appears if you attempt to eat it, which will heal 200 to 900 life points, depending on your Constitution level. Like the Easter egg, Ghasts will rot this item without giving a warning. Oddly enough, they cannot be given to adventurers and starving campers during Temple Trekking as apparently, it won't count as a food item.

Despite their release being earlier than Party hats, there is a significantly lower demand for pumpkins due to no wear option, so players are unable to show off their wealth as easily. It is possible to do this by feeding it to a baby troll, whose name is that of the first thing it eats; however, this could be considered wasteful as it permanently removes the item from the game. Before the re-introduction of free trade, Pumpkins along with Easter eggs and Disks of returning were used as currency to trade up for the more expensive Partyhats.

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