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Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Strength
Level 8
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 3 seconds
Punish your target's mistakes, dealing 94% weapon damage, or 188% weapon damage if they're stunned or bound.
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Punish is a basic Strength ability. When activated the player deals 18.8-94% ability damage or 37.6-188% ability damage if the target is stunned or bound.

The stun from Backhand or Kick is too short for punish to deal its boosted damage, as the stun only lasts for 1.2 seconds and abilities may only be activated every 1.8 seconds. Forceful Backhand or Stomp gives enough time for the user to use Slice once for its boosted damage. The bind from Barge last for 6.6 seconds, which is enough for two Slices and one Punish or two Punishes and one Slice. This ability's damage boost does not work on most bosses as the majority of them are stun-immune unless they are stunned by dreadnips.

In PvM, Punish's extra damage effect is also activated provided a freeze effect is also activated by Punish (for example, by the Zamorak godsword's passive effect). 

Punish is the equivalent of Piercing Shot and Wrack.