Purepker895 is a non-player character and player spoof who is level 52. He wears a Rogue top, Rogue gloves, Rogue mask, an unknown shield and a Dark dagger, meaning that he has a high Thieving and Agility level and has all the requirements to at least start Legends' Quest. He was killed by the Wise Old Man in the Draynor Bank Robbery after getting in his way of his spell intended to destroy the bank wall.

Purepker895 was also found in the Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunting Area catching snowy knights and sapphire glacialises during the Gnomecopter Tours. Interestingly, the Wise Old Man was also seen during this tour; although Purepker895 never saw his killer. He can no longer be seen in this area with the removal of gnomecopters.

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