This article is about an item from the Treasure Trails. For the quest item, see puzzle box (A Void Dance).
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Puzzle box (troll) detail
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Puzzle box (bridge) detail

A puzzle box is an item occasionally received during a hard or elite Treasure Trail. Players need to complete the puzzle in order to receive their next clue. They are similar to the real world sliding puzzle.

Puzzle boxes contain a scrambled image that players must work to unscramble by clicking on tiles to move them to an empty space. Once the puzzle box is completed, players need to talk to the NPC who gave them puzzle to receive the next clue or the reward. In elite trails, solving the puzzle automatically presents the player with the next clue or the reward upon closing the window. As with all puzzles, logging out will reset the puzzle, even if it has already been completed. If players want their puzzle reshuffled, they should destroy the box (not clue) and ask the NPC for another.

Some of the newer puzzle boxes have a 'hint' in the bottom left hand corner that shows the player the image of the completed puzzle.

Monkey Madness puzzle box

Monkey madness (scrambled):

Gliderpuzzle unfinished

Monkey madness (complete):

Spare controls interface

You Are It puzzle casket

You Are It (scrambled): You Are It (complete)

Puzzle casket solved

Clue scrolls puzzle boxes

Following is a list of all known puzzle boxes. The completed puzzle also can be viewed by hovering on the Hint icon at the bottom left of the screen. When finished, simply close the box; if on a hard clue, speak with the NPC who gave you the box.

Scrambled Solved
Adventurer puzzle unsolved Adventurer puzzle solved
Archers puzzle unsolved Archers puzzle solved
Araxxor puzzle unsolved Araxxor puzzle solved
Black dragon puzzle unsolved Black dragon puzzle solved
Bridge puzzle unsolved Bridge puzzle solved
Castle puzzle unsolved Castle puzzle solved
Clan Citadel puzzle unsolved Clan Citadel puzzle solved
Corporal beast puzzle unsolved Corporal beast puzzle solved
Elves puzzle unsolved Elves puzzle solved
General Graardor puzzle unsolved General Graardor puzzle solved
Gregorovic puzzle unsolved Gregorovic puzzle solved
Helwyr puzzle unsolved Helwyr puzzle solved
Ice strykewyrm puzzle unsolved Ice strykewyrm puzzle solved
Nomad puzzle unsolved Nomad puzzle solved
Nymora puzzle unsolved Nymora puzzle solved
Sword of Edicts puzzle unsolved Sword of Edicts puzzle solved
Tree puzzle unsolved Tree puzzle solved
Troll puzzle unsolved Troll puzzle solved
Tuska puzzle unsolved Tuska puzzle solved
V puzzle unsolved V puzzle solved
Vanstrom Klause puzzle unsolved Vanstrom Klause puzzle solved
Werewolf puzzle unsolved Werewolf puzzle solved
Wizard puzzle unsolved Wizard puzzle solved
Wyvern puzzle unsolved Wyvern puzzle solved
Drakan bloodveld puzzle unsolved Drakan bloodveld puzzle solved
Pharaoh puzzle unsolved Pharaoh puzzle solved
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