Puzzle box (A Void Dance) detail

The Puzzle box is bought from Ali Tist during A Void Dance to be investigated by Sir Tiffy Cashien, Captain Korasi and Jessika for suspicion of it containing waxwood. It is made of waxwood, but is covered in Oak, so no one can tell it's the ugly waxwood, and that it contains goo from the void leech. It is impossible to open by solving the puzzle, as the puzzle can not be solved, and thus Commander Korasi resorts to more "violent" measures to open it. The Kinshra were using Ali Tist as their vendor to sell these to all sorts of citizens of Falador, to make the city easier to capture.


  • If you try to open the box yourself, you appear to get a reference to an online meme, where your character exclaims "What is this, I don't even...".
  • After attempting after the first time messages appear in the chat box such as:
    • "Throrough Fiddling with the lock produces nothing interesting"
    • "A gentle shake, though initially promising, produces nothing interesting but a glooping noise"
    • There is a glitch in which you could try to open the box and move around but people do not see you. Like the timepiece, slayer bell and vengeance spell glitch.
Puzzle box (A Void Dance)

Attempting to open the puzzle box

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