A glitch occurred when players summoned a beast of burden summoning familiar and stored high value items in it, after this they would log out and then log into a free to play PvP world, die 15-20 times fooling the system into thinking they died that amount of times with the value of the stored summoning familiar's items. Players would then log into a Members PvP world and kill players, resulting in high value drops caused by the drop potential system.

This glitch was discovered by a player on 11 April, 2009 and became widespread known on 12 April, 2009. It was fixed as of 13 April.

It is not yet known when it became possible to abuse this bug, though Andrew has stated that "this bug was in the game for a while before it was discovered". It is believed that thousands of high level main accounts will be banned for bug abuse as a result, with many large player killing clans encouraging their members to abuse the glitch.

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