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The Pyrelord is a Summoning familiar, introduced with the "Summoning 2" update on 31 March 2008. It requires level 46 Summoning and a Pyrelord pouch. The pyrelord is a class of demon, and is closely related to the weaker pyrefiend. In the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, pyrelords such as Pazuzu are described as being some of Zamorak's more powerful followers.


The player can use it to burn any kind of log, like a tinderbox, by using the logs on the pyrelord. When any type of logs are used on it, it will give 10 Firemaking experience more than usual for each log. For example, using a tinderbox with a willow log, one would normally gain 90 experience, but if the willow logs are used with the Pyrelord, one would gain 100 experience instead.

Wearing a Ring of fire and/or Flame gloves (rewards from the All Fired Up minigame) gives an additional 2% (for either one) or 5% (for both) experience boost. The experience modifier from the familiar is calculated before the bonus from the gloves and ring. Hence, using the example of willow logs, one would receive an extra 2 experience (for a total of 102 experience) wearing one modifier, or 5 (for a total of 105 experience) for wearing both modifiers. The 1.5x experience bonus of a Firemaking ring is calculated after the bonus of the pyrelord.

However, due to a hidden update, one now receives the bonus experience previously only granted when logs were used on the Pyrelord while using a tinderbox. This makes the old method of using logs on the Pyrelord obsolete and the Pyrelord more of a passive +10 firemaking experience boost while burning logs. This does work with curly roots in the Jadinko Lair activity, giving 407.635 xp per root with Flame Gloves and Ring of Fire.

The bonus experience does not apply to training at the Firemaking plot in a Clan citadel.

Many people refrain from using a Pyrelord directly for firemaking, as it is slower than using a tinderbox normally. Using a pyrelord means the mouse has to be moved a significantly longer distance, especially on fullscreen, which is much slower.

In combat, Pyrelords contribute to the player's Strength skill.

One particularly useful thing of the Pyrelord is that when "competing" over a firemaking spot, the pyrelord will automatically move to a different spot. For example, when lighting a chain of 28 fires, after lighting ten fires the next square is blocked (either through someone else lighting a fire there or a dwarf multicannon, which are commonly used to block firemaking botters) then the Pyrelord will move to an empty square, which saves the trouble of switching lanes.

Multi- Firemaking

As mentioned above, logs can be used on the Pyrelord as a replacement for a tinderbox, however a method has been discovered to earn some of the fastest firemaking experience in RuneScape. As one "uses" their logs on the familiar and it begins to burn the logs, if one uses another set of logs on a tinderbox exactly 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) after using the previous command on the Pyrelord, it is possible to produce two fires simultaneously.

Using this method with magic logs, one can earn up to a staggering 575k experience per hour. This method does, however require complete attention as it needs to be timed correctly. If the consecutive set of logs is used on the tinderbox either too early, or too late it will simply not function

Note: With the addition of the Toolbelt, the left-click option changed from "Use" to Craft or Light. This means using the Pyrelord for training is now more click-intensive, and potentially considerably slower.

Pyrelord pouch


Pyrelord pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 111 spirit shards, a Crimson charm and a tinderbox in the inventory. Making the pouch earns 202.4 experience points. Using the pouch to summon a Pyrelord gains 2.3 experience points, and costs 5 Summoning points.

Immense heat scroll

File:Immense heat.gif

Immense Heat scroll enables the use of the Immense Heat special move for a Pyrelord. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls, giving 2.3 experience. Using the scroll costs 6 special move points and grants 2.3 experience.

Immense Heat

Immense Heat is a special move for Pyrelords. Players can craft a gold bar (and a gem if one wishes) into an item of Jewellery without using a furnace, provided they have the required crafting level. (note that you can only create 1(one) piece of jewellery per immense heat scroll.)


Armies of Gielinor

Pyrelords in the Armies of Gielinor are described as a class of lowly demons, compared to the original demons. Although of demon counterparts, since they are considered Titans and not a warrior like the Greater demon.


  • In the Armies of Gielinor game, the Pyrelord is considered a Titan.
  • When Pyrelording, make sure you are on the same ground level as your Pyrelord. When there is even a little altitude difference between you and your Pyrelord, you won't hear the animation sound, which in the end makes it harder to get the timing right.
  • Along with many other fire based monsters, Pyrelords are greatly affected graphically while using the bloom lighting effect.

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