Qat chathead

Qat is a cat found in Menaphos. Qat can be found inside a locked house in the north-west corner of the Imperial district, near Banafrit. Tier 5 reputation in the Imperial district is required to enter the house.

Qat gives additional dialogue if the player is wearing a catspeak amulet or a cramulet. They are an elderly cat, mistaking the player for a cat due to their language use. They have at least one daughter and several grandchildren, but apparently does not think much of their grandchildren's sire. They attempt to pair the player up with one of their grandchildren.

Journal descriptions

Before being found and petted
As royal as a cat can be.

After being found and petted
A qathartic qompanion qapable of qalming the qursed and the qorrupted.



  • When you examine the door to house it is locked in, it says "There's a note on the door, it says 'you'll find the Waikonite three doors down'."
  • Qat is pronounced the exact same way as Cat, hence the name.
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