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Queen of Sunrise only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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The Queen of Sunrise, also called Sunny, is a character in the 2011 Easter event, Holly and Hawthorn. She is entrusted by Guthix to bring about spring and summertime, serving the opposite function to the Queen of Snow who is entrusted to bring about Autumn and Winter. She is first met in the Land of Holly and Hawthorn, which borders the Land of Snow and Land of Sunlight (her homeworld).

She seems to be cheerful and vivacious, especially when compared to the Queen of Snow, who almost never shows emotions. This is probably done to emphasize their representation of their respective element.


During the event, the Queen of Sunrise sings a song about the passing winter, the lyrics to which are transcribed below:

Stones, shoulder this cold globe, turn it to me.
Stream, swallow your cracked ice; run fast; run free.
Cloud, cast your vital rain on this grey ground
And conjure forth all natures hue and sound.
All spirits, join my alchemy and sing
This leaden winter into golden spring!

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