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QuestHelp was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

QuestHelp provided hints and tips for quests that the player had started.

QuestHelp was a feature designed to help players overcome problems encountered during quests, and offered help according to the current position of the player within a quest. It was introduced with The New QuestHelp System update on 10 May 2006.[1] It was removed with the RuneScape website rework.

After a player logged into QuestHelp, an interface appeared showing the player's active (incomplete) quests and the number of completed quests. After selecting a quest, the system would provide a list of possible problems that may be encountered during the quest. To proceed, the player had to select a problem and would be given a hint for the particular problem.

Players may believe that this can spoil quests and may also be seen as cheating or a 'noob's way out'.

QuestHelp points

Each player had 4 QuestHelp points, which were reset after 24 hours. Using these points, players could unlock:

  • Hints - cost 1 point each. Unlocked by clicking "Reveal Hint" on the parchment,
  • or Spoilers - cost 2 points each. Unlocked by clicking "Reveal Spoiler" on the parchment.

Hints were generally messages that pointed a player towards solving a problem within the quest, not the solution to the problem itself. Meanwhile, spoilers were solutions to the problem and usually dictated what the player had to do in order to progress further in the quest. (Note: In order to unlock spoilers for the first time, hints needed to be unlocked first.)

However, for the QuestHelp system to accurately determine a player's progress in a quest, they needed log out before using the QuestHelp system. This is similar to how the hiscores work, where the hiscores are not updated until the player logs out of the RuneScape game. To update the QuestHelp system after logging out of the game, players could click on "Click here to refresh this page". However, this did not not need to be done if the quest help page was accessed by using the "Get QuestHelp" link located in the quest journal.

QuestHelp Guide

For more help using the QuestHelp system, players could opt to click on "Click here for help using QuestHelp". Doing this brought up the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the QuestHelp Guide.


  • The QuestHelp system wasn't updated on release of Nomad's Requiem, and showed an incorrect amount of quests.
  • After completing Cold War but before starting Hunt for Red Raktuber the QuestHelp system may have shown that you'd started Hunt for Red Raktuber but your in-game questlist did not.


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