A Quest kit is a reward from the Mobilising Armies minigame. They are one-slot containers for items often needed in quests, such as ropes, chisels, lamps and tinderboxes. The 4 different types of Quest kit are shown in the table below:

Quest kit Image Rank Credits Items
Basic Quest kit (basic) None 61,900 Rope, tinderbox, spade, candle, needle and a pestle and mortar.
Medium Quest kit (medium) 100+ 119,400 In addition to basic quest kit items: Thread, Bowl, Bucket and a Bronze pickaxe.
Advanced Quest kit (advanced) 200+ 176,700 In addition to medium quest kit items: Oil lamp, Machete, Waterskin (4), Knife and a Plank.
Elite Quest kit (elite) 300+ 267,700 In addition to advanced quest kit items: hammer, saw, steel hatchet, and a chisel.
The Bronze pickaxe is replaced by Steel and the Oil lamp is replaced by a Bullseye lantern.
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