For the version without the hood, see Quest point cape.
Hooded Quest point cape detail

The hooded quest point cape is the Cape of Accomplishment for the maximum amount of quest points with a quest point hood attached. It is the hooded version of the quest point cape. It's made by using the quest point hood on the quest point cape, which can be reversed with the right-click "Detach" option. It is the only Cape of Accomplishment not associated directly with a skill. As such, it can neither be trimmed nor be used to trim other capes. Quest point capes are bluish white in colour.

The cape has an emote, lasting a few seconds, which features the player flying up in the air with a quest star above them and ray of that star coming down. The cape must be worn to perform this emote.

Talking to Wise Old Man gives an option to toggle the appearance of the cape to a retro version, overriding the normal appearance and making it look similar to how it did before the 2015 graphical update. Despite it not being a new item, the retro cape can be used with a dragon keepsake key.

Combat Stats
RequirementsHooded Quest point cape equipped
CombatSwords AllBack slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour33PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


The Quest point cape (hooded)'s perk adds 30 seconds onto the player's Tears of Guthix time.

Up to three perks of the capes of accomplishment can be added to the max cape, the completionist cape, and the trimmed completionist cape and up to two perks of the capes of accomplishment of a specific skill type can be added to the respective expert cape of accomplishment. This can be done by using a cape of accomplishment with the desired perk on one of the capes. The cape of accomplishment is then lost in the process. To make space for other perks, it is possible to later remove the added perks, but with no reimbursement. All of the added perks are shared among max cape, completionist cape, and trimmed completionist cape, thus it is not possible to have different configurations of perks on the different capes.


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