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RS Anniversary cake only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
RS Anniversary cake detail

The RS Anniversary cake was originally obtained as 15th Anniversary cake by celebrating at the 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. It was removed from the game on 1 February 2016. It made its return on 4 January 2018, where it was automatically placed in the player's inventory upon login. It can be eaten every 3 minutes to replenish a maximum of 2,200 life points at level 88 Constitution, same as a cavefish. This scaled according to the player's level.

Eating the cake prompts the following messages:
You eat the delicious cake and it magically reappears.
It restores some life points.The cake cannot be used again for 3 minutes.

Eating the cake before 3 minutes has passed from its last usage will result in the message:
The cake hasn't yet reconstituted itself. You need to wait <amount of time remaining>.

Attempting to eat the cake while at full health will result in the message:
You are already at full health. The cake refuses to be eaten.

After 3 minutes has passed since the cake's last usage, the following message will be shown:
Your 15th[sic] Anniversary cake is ready to be used again.

In its re-release, the RS Anniversary cake remained usable for one week. Attempting to eat it after the start of 12 January prompts the following message:
The Anniversary cake may only be used for one week from January 4th.


  • The RS Anniversary cake was originally named 15th Anniversary cake with its destroy option stating "You can reclaim this from Party Pete at the 15th Celebration area north of Falador.". Its name and destroy option was updated upon its subsequent re-release.
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