Rabbit (Vinesweeper)Rabbit (Vinesweeper) 2Rabbit (Vinesweeper) 3
Release date 19 February 2008 (Update)
Hunter level 1
Experience 30
Location Winkin's farm
Trap None
Preferred bait Oogleroot
Retaliation No
Loot Nothing
Examine A hungry-looking rabbit.

Rabbits are hunter creatures that may be found on Winkin's farm during the Vinesweeper minigame. They may be fed oogleroots (which can be bought from Farmer Blinkin) to shrink them, awarding 30 hunter experience each.

There are a total of eight rabbits at any one time, and they respawn from the rabbit holes at the edge of the field. If players wish to train hunter on these rabbits, hopping worlds once all eight rabbits have been fed is advised.

During the minigame, they attempt to dig up any flags that players have planted. If they are successful, the flag will be lost and no points will be granted. But if the flagged spot does not have a seed, they will stand on the spot and do nothing. If a rabbit has already "locked on" to a flagged seed, then any attempts to feed it an ogleroot will fail.

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