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"Wish list" redirects here. For the wish list from Fur 'n' Seek, see Fur 'n' Seek/Wish list.

Rag and Bone Man wish list is a miniquest during which the player has to find additional bones for the Odd Old Man.


Start pointQuest map icon.png Talk to the Odd Old Man again.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthVery Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest.png Quests:
  • 40 Slayer Slayer
  • The ability to kill several high-level monsters
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Slayer equipment:

Enemies to defeat Listed below


  • None of the bone drops are 100%, but they are common.
  • The monsters you need to kill are mentioned on the Wish List that is attached on the house north of the Odd Old Man.
  • It is possible to hand in the collected bones in smaller batches. The Odd Old Man will kindly update the wish list, taking off the bones already submitted.
  • It is possible to complete Basilisk without level 20 Defence, but you must freeze the basilisk or safe spot it.


Below is the list of monsters that need to be killed to obtain all the bones (there are 27 total):

Monster Drops Locations (preferable)
Wolf Wolf bone Feldip Hills, White Wolf Mountain, Rellekka
Bat (Giant bats do not drop bat wings) Bat wing Near the Odd Old Man (make sure you get a Bat wing, not Batwing; the purple one is the hide, not the bone)
Rat Rat bone Mainly found in Sewers e.g. Misthalin underground which is accessed via the trapdoor in Draynor village. Also rats can be found skittering around and outside Lumbridge Castle
Baby blue dragon Baby blue dragon bone Taverley Dungeon (need dusty key or 70 Agility for shortcut)
Ogre Ogre ribs Feldip Hills, South of Yanille
Jogre Jogre bone Within the dungeon in northern Karamja, just west of the Glider. Ardougne Zoo with Telekinetic Grab and ranging weapons or magic attacks (Make sure you pick up the Jogre bone not the Jogre bones)
Zogre Zogre bone Jiggig (requires start of Zogre Flesh Eater, make sure you have the Zogre bone not Zogre Bones.)
Mogre (requires Fishing explosive) Mogre bone Mudskipper Point
Dagannoth Dagannoth ribs Lighthouse (requires completion of Horror from the Deep quest), Waterbirth Island
Snake Snake spine All over Karamja, also dropped by Desert snakes close to the Jackals in the Kharidian desert. Also located in Ardougne zoo next to the Jogres, Telekinetic Grab and range/mage weapons needed
Zombie Zombie bone Edgeville Dungeon, Draynor Sewers, Varrock Sewers, Stronghold of Security.
Werewolf Werewolf bone Canifis (You cannot get the bones if you use wolfbane), or in the God Wars Dungeon
Moss giant Moss giant bone Varrock Sewers, west of the Fishing Guild, Crandor, Brimhaven Dungeon
Fire giant Fire giant bone Waterfall Dungeon (remember to bring a rope and Glarial's amulet), Baxtorian Falls resource dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon
Ice giant Ice giant ribs Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, White Wolf Mountain, Chaos Tunnels, near the Wilderness Agility Course (not recommended)
Terrorbird Terrorbird wing Tree Gnome Stronghold (mounted terrorbird gnomes and warped terrorbirds also drop a terrorbird wing.)
Ghoul Ghoul bone Myreque memorial site, north of Canifis
Troll Troll bone Keldagrim Entrance, Troll Country (Mountain Trolls also work)
Seagull Seagull wing Port Sarim docks
Experiment Experiment bone Under Graves East of Fenkenstrain's Castle (Requires the start of Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest)
Rabbit Rabbit bone Miscellania, Tirannwn, Nature altar (bring telegrab + range), bunnies south-east of Rellekka drop rabbit bones, Lumbridge Crater
Basilisk (requires mirror shield and level 40 Slayer) Basilisk bone Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Fairy ring AJR)

Basilisk bone can be obtained whilst wearing the Mask of Reflection.

Lizard (requires ice coolers) (only level 77 drops special bone) Desert lizard bone Just east of Sophanem
Cave goblin Cave goblin skull Lumbridge Swamp Caves (Cave goblin miners also work.)
Vulture Vulture wing North-west of Agility Pyramid in the Kharidian Desert, labelled on the world map
Jackal Jackal bone South-west of Nardah, next to the fairy ring North of Nardah (DLQ), the Kharidian Desert, East of the Bandit Camp lodestone
Undead cow Undead cow ribs West of Ectofuntus

These monsters can be found in other places; listed are the most convenient spots.



Travel method: Use the gnome glider (or Fairy ring code: DKP) to get to Karamja. Both jogres and snakes are found directly west of the gnome glider. Optionally, jogres are also found in the dungeon by the Harpie Bug Swarms, and snakes are also found by the calquat farming patch.


Travel method: Edgeville can be reached by using an Amulet of glory Teleport, fairy ring, using Home teleport and the canoe system, by using Varrock Teleport and walking a short distance, or by using the spirit tree in the Grand Exchange. The monsters are all found in the Varrock Sewers. It is also a good idea to buy a mirror shield, and – if you haven't already got an ice shaker and (super) explosive shaker on your tool belt – some ice coolers and several fishing explosives from the Slayer Master while you are there.

Port Sarim

Required items: (Super) fishing explosive / (super) explosive shaker on tool belt
Travel method: Use the Port Sarim lodestone and you will find Seagulls on the nearby docks. From there, travel south and look for the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, where you will find ice giants. Travel south to reach the Mudskipper Point, home to the mogres. Alternatively, you can use fairy ring code AIQ for the latter two bones.


Required items: Ice cooler / ice shaker on tool belt
Recommended items: Waterskins / enchanted water tiara (not needed if the Crocodile Tears quest is completed)
Travel method: From Mudskipper Point, use the fairy ring (code DLQ) to get to the Nardah hunting area, and travel west. There are jackals right by the fairy ring. After these, walk south and go west from the Nardah bank to find vultures. From there, run south to the eastern wall of Sophanem, where you will find the level 77 lizards (the lizards north of the fairy ring do not drop the bone). You need to use ice coolers on the lizards when their health is low.


Recommended items: Ectophial
Travel method: Travel to Canifis via lodestone. Head to the graveyard to the north-west to find ghouls then travel south to find werewolves. If you don't want to attack a level 88 werewolf you can attack one of the level 24 citizens of Canifis with wolfbane and when they are almost dead switch to another weapon. Next, travel to Fenkenstrain's Castle and head under it by pushing memorials to the east to find experiments (see the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest guide). Finally, continue travelling east or use the ectophial to teleport to the ectofuntus and head west to the Port Phasmatys farm to find undead cows.
Another way to reach Morytania is using Kharyrll teleport from Ancient Magicks or POH portal.

Feldip Hills

Recommended items: Inoculation brace / relicym's balm
Travel method: Travel to Feldip Hills using fairy ring (code: AKS) or gnome glider from the Tree Gnome Stronghold. There you will find ogres and wolves. From there travel using fairy ring (code: BKP) and then travel east to Jiggig (south of Castle Wars) to find zogres. Zogres are located within the Jiggig tomb.

Miscellania, Lighthouse and Waterfall

Required items: Glarial's amulet, rope (from the rope rack next to the raft, if the player has built one)
Recommended items: Mirror shield, games necklace, enchanted lyre, good armour, good food
Travel method: Use your enchanted lyre to teleport to Rellekka, take a boat to Miscellania and kill some of the rabbits there. Then head into the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (killing basilisks will require a mirror shield, as basilisks will dangerously reduce player stats). Then, make a visit to the Lighthouse. Dagannoths are found within the basement of the lighthouse. Good food and armour is suggested, as these Dagannoths are aggressive. Grab a rope and Glarial's amulet, then use your games necklace to teleport to Barbarian Outpost. Travel south towards the Baxtorian Falls, and get into the Waterfall Dungeon to find fire giants in the passage to the north-west.

Fire Giants also drop shoulder bones, this is not to be mistaken with the fire giant bone. Though you can polish the shoulder bone, it is required for the Fur 'n' Seek wish list, not this wish list.

Tree Gnome Stronghold to Taverley

Required items: Dusty key / level 70 Agility for pipe squeeze shortcut
Recommended items: Ring of duelling
Travel method: Teleport to Al Kharid (using ring of duelling), and take the gnome glider to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Terrorbirds can be found within the stronghold in large numbers. You can also kill the mounted terrorbird gnomes as well. Use the gnome glider to travel to the White Wolf Mountain, and walk east towards Taverley. You may also use the Taverley home teleport spell, as it is faster. Baby blue dragons are found in the Taverley Dungeon. Bringing an anti-dragon shield or anti-fire potions is advisable as the mothers may attack the player while in the dungeons.

Troll Stronghold

With Trollheim Teleport
Use the Trollheim Teleport to get to Trollheim. From there, climb down to the western side. The trolls are a bit to the west.

Without Trollheim Teleport
Without the Trollheim Teleport Spell, the easiest way to reach trolls is the Keldagrim entrance. It is located close to fairy ring code DKS. Simply walk there from Rellekka if fairy rings are not an option. The trolls are located just south of the entrance.


Recommended items: Spiny helmet, light source (preferably lanterns)
Travel method: Home teleport to Lumbridge. With a lantern, climb through the hole in the kitchen's cellar, and walk south and through the other hole. Go south towards the area full of rockslugs, then head east towards the goblins. Cave goblins are found at the far east of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You may also take the entrance in the main spot and find them, although you'll need a spiny helmet. You can also go there by following Kazgar in the hole in Lumbridge Cellar. He takes you to them.


Recommended items: Varrock Teleport (or Digsite pendant)
Travel method: Teleport to Varrock, and walk north-east. Bats are flapping about right by the Odd Old Man.

Finishing up

  • After you have obtained all the bones, clean the bones using the same method used in the initial part of the quest.
  • Give the cleaned bones to the Odd Old Man for your reward.
  • The cleaning and submission of the bones to the Odd Old Man can be done in stages.
  • After completing the wish list following the Rag and Bone Man quest, the list will have "Non-chafing Manacles" written on it. After completing the wish list following the Fur 'n' Seek quest, you may speak to the Odd Old Man to get an explanation about this.


Rag and Bone Man wish list reward (bonesack).png
Rag and Bone Man wish list reward (ram skull helm).png


  • Skeletal Wishes (RuneScore.png 15) - Complete Rag and Bone Man and Fur 'n Seek wishlists, and have the Odd Old Man rebuild the Skeletal Horror.



  • The Rag and Bone Man wish list used to reward one quest point, and completion was thus required to wear the quest point cape. This was changed on 11 August 2009.
  • There used to be a glitch where if you checked your quest manual after completing the quest, it said "I gained a bonesack (or ram skull helmet) and 7,000 prayer experience!" This was not true. You only gained the 5,000 Prayer experience as listed above. This has been fixed by Jagex.